I Will Be Signing Books at THE BIG E!

This Thursday in the Connecticut Building.

From 1:30 to 5:30 I will be at the Big E signing books in the Connecticut Building! I will be at the booth of the Connecticut Authors’ and Publishers’ Association, signing, smiling and handing out free stickers.


If you have never been to the six New England States’ fair you are in for a treat. There are daily free concerts, lots of exhibits, lots of prize winning animals and lots of good food. The fun never stops. Stop by to visit.

You will recognize me — I’ll probably be the only person wearing wings.

But it’s the BIG E! You never know what can happen.

I have so many great memories of fun at the Big E, from watching the pigs and the hatching chicks to eating kettle corn to riding the big slide. I hope you will stop by after you’ve eaten some apple pie!

(c) Jane F. Collen 9/26/17


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