I Met An Enjella Series Fan at the Ossining Bookmobile Launch!

I don’t know who was more thrilled — the fan or me!

I was asked to read one of my books at the celebration of the inauguration of the Ossining Pubic Schools/United Way Bookmobile this past Monday in Nelson Sitting Park. As I pulled out my book, WHAT MORE CAN A FAIRY BE? one of the attentive listeners said “I read that book! It was so good! I liked it!”

The words were music to my ears. The main reason I wrote this series was to inspire the imagination of young readers and make them passionate about reading.

When I told the girl I was the author, she enthused that it was so exciting to meet me.  And I enthused right back — how wonderful it is to meet someone who had already read my book and enjoyed the tale.  Then we Fairytale lovers just had to commemorate our momentous meeting with a photograph of us and the Enjella fan’s younger brother.

It was an fun event — lots of happy children, lots of books and a special appearance by Acorn the “read-with-rabbit” bunny from Scattered Books in Chappaqua. I left the launch of the Bookmobile feeling inspired. Not just by the joy of meeting one of MY READERS(!) but also by the many images of happy children choosing books, hugging them in their arms like treasure, and hurrying home to read them.

(C) Jane F. Collen August 31, 2017  IndexCardCure fanning flames of imagination

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