Wow! I have a Best-Seller!

That crazy story about the Elbow Fairy who could not decide what to wear has sold 200 copies a day for the last 3 months on GET EPIC! an online platform for children and educators! 

It is such a wonderful feeling to know that somewhere out there someone is reading your story and enjoying it!

Illustrated by DAVID TRUMBLE

I am sure the success is due in no small part to the wonderful illustrations of the Enjella artist –David Trumble. It has been so exciting collaborating with him. If I can imagine it, he can draw it. The only thing more gratifying than having the pictures you painted with words turn into actual illustrations is — seeing those word pictures turned into a best selling book!

The online platform epic! is a fabulous resource for helping educators and parents encourage children to read. Enticing books are findable several ways: by title, author and keyword of course, but also through browsing books grouped according to genre, subject matter and reading level. The epic! program can help parents and educators get feedback on the child’s interaction with the books. The reader’s time spent with the book is tracked and a comprehension quiz at the end is offered, providing data on what a child retained about the book and how fast a child can read.

The other books in the Enjella Adventure Series are doing well too. And I have a new edition to the series — I just recorded a Read-Aloud and an Audio version of my best seller What More Can A Fairy Be? which is also available on the epic! program.

I am so happy that I can help encourage children to read. I’m using my wings to help spread magical books around the world.

Copyright Jane F. Collen August 9, 2017

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