My New Historical Fiction Series Will Be Published by Evolved Publishing!

It’s official! I have signed a three book contract to publish my new series The Journey of Cornelia Rose. Do you have any idea how excited I am??? #dreamjob.

Evolved_Evolution_Logo_Color-mediumJust ecstatic that my series has been accepted at Evolved, since the competition to get published is pretty stiff, I am now a member of the team for this successful publishing house. Inundated by submissions, Evolved remains true to its formula for success – they are uncompromising on their standards. Their motto is Quality is Priority #1. Check out the link to see the other authors they publish.

It is quite a bold step, to venture out of the complicated field of children’s books into the arena of Historical Fiction for adults. (I’m hoping all the moms who bought my Enjella Adventure Series for their kids have been secretly wishing I would publish a book on their reading level for a long time!) To commemorate this bold new venture, (and so as not to confuse my loyal readers) I will use the pen name “JF Collen” for the new series. I have a new website, which I am busily constructing, for information and blogs about these new books: www.

The Journey of Cornelia Rose series will be published next spring. If you have been reading my blogs (THANK YOU!) you will know of my search and toil to find good titles. The working titles as of now are:

Book One: Flirtation Walk, Book Two: Westward Way and Book Three: The Path of Saints and Sinners.  The first and the third titles are strong — but I am still playing with the second one!

Flirtation Walk will make its debut in the marketplace, on Amazon and in independent bookstores, in April of 2019.

© Jane F. Collen October 6, 2018                                                                   One Step at a Time

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