Unplug to recharge

We pay more attention to the charge level on our portable electronic devices than we do to our own energy levels. Businesses now accommodate our fondness for phone or laptop usage: Airports have charging stations. Some aircraft have electrical outlets. Coffee shops help us stay plugged in and wired.


This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

But, how do we recharge ourselves? How do we even know when our batteries are low? Do you regularly monitor your energy level? After the official start of summer a week ago, most schools are now on a break. Children have been released from academic schedules to play. But it’s not realistic to think that everyone can take a couple of months off to relax and have fun. Even if you don’t have a vacation planned, there are things you can do. 

First, distinguish between vacation and trip. On a recent adventure, one participant shared how he differentiates. A trip has a packed itinerary, with activities that are intriguing and exciting, but sometimes exhausting.  A vacation is more leisurely and serendipitous. You might come home from a trip feeling the need to take time off to recover. If you are able, schedule a buffer day before returning to work.

What activities help you refuel? What restores your soul? Make a list:

  • take a nap
  • go for a walk or on a hike
  • read a book
  • go to the park or playground
  • play tennis or another sport
  • go to a ball game
  • visit a museum or zoo
  • people-watch at the mall or on the metro
  • watch a movie. Make popcorn.
  • build a campfire and make s’mores
  • share a meal with friends
  • add your choice here…

Take charge of your life. Be…

  1. Intentional: make thoughtful choices
  2. Pragmatic: deal with things realistically and practically based on your preferences
  3. Sustainable: consider your ability to continue indefinitely at a certain level

You may subscribe to the thought that you’ll rest when you’re dead, but consider how well that serves you. Some people may decide “nothing doing” about doing nothing, but try it, you may like it. I know I need solitude and silence for creativity to flourish. This summer, take time to balance human doing with human being.

© Joan S Grey, 28 JUN 19
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One thought on “Unplug to recharge

  1. Joan, wonderful! Believe our culture needs this advice. Love the cartoon.

    Have been thinking of you – wondering how you feel about your 23 June remarks. Love, Virgie

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