On Sale Date: August 5th!

Retailers and wholesalers will be placing orders! The paperback will be released on September 9th. But I will be getting a few advanced copies and distributing them to reviewers.

Calling all readers of historical fiction – in every country!  I am sending advance copies of my book (both electronically and in paperback) and seeking reviewers. Let me know if you want one by leaving me a comment on this blog or on my FaceBook or LinkedIn page.

There were  a few stumbles, a trademark issue, a missed deadline, some questions that gave me away as the novice I am, but Flirtation on the Hudson is finally ready!

Now I am working on establishing my platforms. As any modern author will tell you, it is not enough to write the book, that’s just the first step!  Next comes editing, which in my experience takes as long as writing the book, even with the help and guidance a professional editor. Many self published authors skip this step, and it is not optional. There is no substitute for the critical eye of a good editor. (Thanks Kimberly and Dave!)

Gone are the days when the author’s tasks are finished with step 2. Today an author needs to be actively involved in marketing. In addition to the traditional book tour, an author needs to establish several platforms –a FaceBook fan page, a website, listings on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Goodreads to begin. At the same time I am submitting my book for reviews and awards and scheduling personal appearances, author visits, give-aways and promotions.

Marketing and promotion are a full time jobs. I am connecting with professionals to reap the benefits of their experience and expertise. But I am also having fun, connecting with the people at historic sites who helped me with my research and lining up some author visits.  Let me know if you want me to appear in your local bookstore!

In the meantime,I I have just gotten back from a trip that included a visit to Lockport, New York for some research on the Erie Canal for my next book, Pioneer Passage. Look for my next blog for some details of the fun of ‘in the field’ research.

© Jane F. Collen June 29,2019

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