Wow! I just got another great review, and I am In the Spotlight at Feathered Quill. 

After biting my nails to nubs over endless hours of editing, I cannot tell you how great this feels! I have always wanted to write. I just knew I had to wait until I had something to say! Now I do. I am so grateful that my words have resonated with so many readers and critical reviewers.

As I work assiduously to finish my next book I am taking a moment to be heartened and cheered by the words of praise. This bit of encouragement came just at the right time to keep me on track.

I was immediately captivated with this story, particularly given the period it was set in and the area where it takes place. It is the late 1800s and the Hudson River Valley history was beautifully woven into the story line. J.F. Collen does a fantastic job of capturing the dialect of the time as much as the etiquette and conduct of what was required to be a lady of those times. –Diane Lunsford, Feathered Quill

Thank you Diane for ‘getting it’! You understand 1850s English! Luckily only one of my other reviewers did not ‘get’ what I tried to do.

If you want to read more laudatory words about my book “…Collen plays out tasteful scenes in confident artistry through superb word placement…” you can view Diane’s review.

I am thinking of printing it in jumbo type and wallpapering the wall in front of my desk with it…!

Cornelia Rose’s summer hat

© Jane F. Collen August 30, 2019                                                                                        ™  Counting our blessings


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