Less Pluribus, More Unum

bulldozerIf you watch a construction project from start to finish, you learn that it’s easier to tear down than to build up. A bulldozer can make short work of knocking down a building, although the demolition phase is usually purposeful, not indiscriminate. Once the structure is leveled and piles of debris hauled away, it can take months or years to rebuild by first preparing the site and then pouring a new foundation. At least with an edifice, you can be sure there’s a vision and plan. An architect prepares blueprints; a general contractor supervises teams of tradesmen; and inspectors oversee the process to ensure proper installation and conformity with codes.  

The United States has spent the last few years enmeshed in a demolition project. It’s not clear whether anyone has a clear picture of the expected end-state or desired outcome; it seems more like tearing down for destruction’s sake. Not only is it hard to escape the noise, dust, and chaos of this particular project, but most disconcerting is the sense that there’s no plan and no oversight. 

First there’s inane tweeting, thoughtless policies, and perpetual churn. To what end? Are these attention-seeking behaviors or impulsive acts deliberately designed to sow disorder? Then, there’s the upcoming election, a season without end. The incessant campaigning has been as grating as Christmas carols at Labor Day and holiday decorations alongside back-to-school supplies. Electoral reform anyone?

Our country is at a crossroads and needs a leader for the times. Who has the vision to unite people and states plus the wherewithal to lead the country in the aftermath of a self-inflicted civility war?  Do we want to continue on a path of destruction or is it time to rebuild? If the goal is restoring the Union, reconstruction will be painful but necessary. During an earlier Reconstruction, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address spoke to his post-Civil War aims to unite the country and initiate healing: “The nation shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

VA sanityDo your part to ensure that we get the right leader for this time. The state of Virginia’s open primary on March 3rd means any registered voter can cast a ballot regardless of party. Get yourself registered. Perform due diligence on various candidates and platforms. Focusing on debate performance is like forgetting that marriage that follows the wedding. After the glitter and glamour, you wake up next to a person with morning breath. Cast your ballot for the person who aligns with your vision of presidential. Good intentions on the part of voters or eloquent speeches from candidates are not enough.

The traditional motto of the United States “E pluribus unum” appears on the Great Seal and means “out of many, one” in Latin. This is a good time to remember that despite differences, we are united. May the founders’ vision carry us through to reconciliation and healing.


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FART 1© Joan S Grey, 21 FEB 20
IndexCardCure™: Restoration Nation

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