A Game Changer

  • We’re all connected. What you do affects me.
  • We’re all in this together. Everyone has a role to play, even if it’s just maintaining a safe distance to keep infections at bay.
  • We’re all trying to make do. We are dealing with a do-it-yourself (DIY) response and learning on the fly.

kids covid PH

A disaster shakes things loose. Schedules are disrupted. Parents are suddenly school teachers.  Many are figuring out tele-conferencing options. During this extraordinary time, we’ve been asked to consider the needs and vulnerabilities of others. One tricky part with this virus is its lengthy incubation period. We can be asymptomatic but possibly infected, which means we might unknowingly harm others.

During a pre-flight safety briefing, the attendant instructs passengers: “put your own mask on before assisting others.” This important rule can ensure survival. You don’t know how long the cabin will stay pressurized if the masks drop. And, if you run out of oxygen and lose consciousness, you can’t help anyone else. You will be the one needing help. Many air travelers tune out the pre-departure safety instructions. This is a time to pay attention to help yourself and others


Help stop the spread by following the five steps.



For comfort in the time of Corona, make yourself a personalized deck of self-care index cards. Write one self-care tip per card. Each day, pick one and act to improve physical, mental, social or creative well-being:

  • Step outside – get a dose of nature
  • Invite beauty in – flowers are blooming
  • Enjoy comfort food. Perhaps popcorn with a movie?
  • Send yourself to bed early and read a story.
  • Nurture a hobby or find a new one.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Connect with a loved one.
  • Try an online class.
  • Find a song. Dance like nobody’s watching
  • Set a timer for a 10-minute stretch break.
  • Pause at the keyboard. Focus on your breath.
  • Read a poem. Memorize a verse to accompany your hand-washing ritual.
  • Try an online exercise class
  • Download and print a coloring page.
  • Try mindfulness meditation.
  • Add your own suggestions:
  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________

breatheBeing solitary is different than being lonely. In these days of social distancing, don’t reach out and touch someone. Write a letter or card. Or — call, text, face-time, or Skype. Connect and let them know you care.

Pace yourself. Develop a schedule. Set priorities by establishing three daily MITs (most important tasks). Give yourself credit if you’ve accomplished your MITs by the end of the day.  

Specificity lessens distractibility. Kindness reduces irritability. Keep the faith. We’re all in this together.

Out of adversity comes opportunity

© Joan S Grey, 3 APR 2020 ∞
IndexCardCure™: Turn lemons into lemonade

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