Only THREE DAYS Remain Until WALK AWAY WEST Publishes!

“Walk Away West by J F Collen is a beautifully written historical novel that transports you immediately into 19th-century New York. The detailed research into this era is evident with the amazing authentic dialogue and references to actual places and people of that time. Cornelia is an inspiring character, with such a sense of adventure and optimism in any given situation, you immediately relate to her.” ~ Lesley Jones, Readers’ Favorite
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Then let me know what you think!
I hope you agree with the readers at Readers’ Favorite

“Walk Away West was like a breath of fresh air…This is an absolutely fantastic story and one I can highly recommend.” ~Grant Leishman

“J. F. Collen pens this historical tale, Walk Away West, with a passion for adventure. A masterful wordsmith, Collen has an ability to describe the wonders of the time period with historic accuracy.”~Cheryl Rodriguez

Pack up and leave her home? Never see the broad Hudson River flow both ways past her sitting room window again? Eschew the glories of New York City and the wonders of the 1850s modern technology, and head out to unknown territory in the Wild West?

Cornelia Rose–armed with her midwifery training as well as literature and history knowledge, thanks to older brothers’ education and books, embraces the opportunities that life in the metropolis of New York provides.

In love and happily married to Obadiah Wright, her life is a fairytale of abundance. Surrounded by her family the couple establishes a home and enjoys the entertainment, society and technological marvels that make life in the 1850s so easy. Adventure finds her, whether she is touring New York City’s first World’s Fair or a passenger on a disastrous steamboat ride.

Her life takes an unexpected turn with Obadiah’s decision to heed the call of the West. As his wife, she has no choice but to leave her home, family, and the comforts of civilization, and join him in accepting his opportunity to become circuit judge in Utah Territory. In spite of her endless hours of research nothing prepares Cornelia for the arduous walk from the packet boat on the Erie Canal toward the Wild West.

© Jane F. Collen 2020™  the journey continues…



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