Another infectious disease

Trump Virus, caused by POTUS-Covfefe-45, is a highly contagious outbreak. Unleashed in 2016, this virulent, man-made malady affects a large part of the population, spanning a wide geographic area and social range. While the whole world is reeling from its impacts, the US is suffering its worst effects. Like many diseases, the pathogen was dormant until the right conditions activated the infection, allowing rampant spread. Knowledge about POTUS-Covfefe-45 is increasing as scientists investigate the disease, its manifestations, and its transmission.

A raging inflammation can make the whole system sick

There is still much to learn about why certain people are vulnerable. Adverse effects range from mild to lethal, with particular cases so severe, it leads some to demonize, attack, and even kill others. Pre-existing conditions that may increase susceptibility include:

  • Heavy use of social media
  • Feeling disrespected by others, especially sissy “coastal elites”
  • Self-righteous beliefs, including “the world is going to hell in a hand-basket”

The stealth nature of the virus makes it harder to determine how this pathogen is transmitted between individuals. Carriers are not confined to a specific race, gender or class. In some cases, infection status is self-reported through the judicious use of identifying of ballcaps or yard signs.

Be on the lookout for covidiots[1]: renegades who refuse to wear masks, believing that the laws of nature don’t apply to them. One insidious symptom — Trump Virus blindness — is the inability of stricken individuals to see how their actions might harm others. Keep your distance from any specimen acting erratically. Generally, those infected are not aggressive but take evasive actions if one approaches: murmur reassuringly, back away slowly, and take shelter expeditiously.

While treatment protocols keep progressing, the most effective course of action is prevention — avoid contamination. It is better to prevent than to cure. Limit your exposure to social media. Don’t be a spreader of unverified, possibly corrupted information. And keep your hands away from the keyboard. The tweet you delete may save your life.

Universal antidotes are effective at any time:

  • Vote: Cast your ballot (just once) in November to isolate and quarantine the Illness. While Trump Virus will continue wreaking havoc for several months, the worst of the inflammation should start dissipating after January 2021.
  • Pray: Keep the faith. That which doesn’t kill, makes us stronger.
  • Love: We’re all in this together.

Recognize that POTUS-Covfefe-45 can afflict some of the nicest people. Don’t assume malice. But know – your life, our way of life, and the great experiment in democracy is at stake.

Let us stand united for truth, justice, and the American Constitution. 

© Joan S Grey,18 SEP 2020 ∞
IndexCardCure: An antidote to inflammation

[1] Thanks to Nathan C for mentioning the term

2 thoughts on “Another infectious disease

  1. Joan, even though I shy away from messages with a political bent, I felt compelled to read yours. Love “covidiots” – Missouri has more than its share methinks. Heard from my Pakistani friend this morning. Seems her country has them too. SOFOY, V.

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