Hot off the press!

Nothing beats the excitement of seeing UPS unload boxes of my new book Walk Away West! The driver was nice enough to congratulate me when I told him what was in the boxes. #newbestfriend. What joy it was to cut them open and feel the book in my hands.

In these pandemic times the actual ‘launch party’ was understated. But I did not let the day slide by without toasting to the joy of this accomplishment with some friends. (After the picture we retreated back to our 6 foot separation and sipped our celebratory beverage in harmony with each other and the ocean.)

I am still racking my brains trying to organize a splashy remote event around the launch, but I haven’t settled on anything yet. I will invite you as soon as I do!

Researching some of the events contained in Cornelia Rose’s second escapade, like the First World’s Fair in the United States, the tragic voyage of the Henry Clay and the journey along the Erie Canal drew me into the captivating world of our ancestors. Primary sources like newspaper and magazine articles provided me with a glimpse of 1850s New York life that I love sharing with all the readers out there. I want you to see the sights and feel the adventure. How else can you experience a ride on an Erie Canal packet boat?

I revel in the wonderful feedback and comments from fans who already finished reading this new adventure. They said the book was a page turner. They enjoyed traveling back to the 1850s too. The positive reviews are pouring in. Thank you!

My favorite comment (of course) is:”I can’t wait to see what happens on the Oregon Trail next!” I promise, readers, you will not be disappointed. Most of my research for the Oregon Trail adventures has come from first hand accounts found in women’s diaries. The stories I have read compel me to write the next book Pioneer Passage, hoping to bring these pioneer women’s voices a greater audience.

Back to writing! See you soon at the virtual launch party.

© Jane F. Collen September 25, 2020™ the adventure continues



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