The Sound of Kids Playing Together

The Joy of Cooperative Play

With some schools open and everyone walking on edge trying to navigate these rough pandemic waters, it is such a joy to see children playing together again. Walking the tight rope between preventing transmission of COVID, preventing social isolation, stunted development of social skills and loneliness, schools are cautiously open, most with a hybrid between distance learning and in-school teaching.

Children are running outside together (mostly at a safe distance and/or with masks). It is like the sound of the birds returning in the spring, speaking of love and hope and new beginnings.

Boy did I miss it.

While the numbers of deaths across the United States are still staggering, unsung heroes like teachers, administrators and health care professionals are guiding us through a carefully considered plan to regain our social interaction but still guard against spreading the still sometimes deadly disease. This makes it possible for kids to run around again and play.

Going UP!

Running around outside with friends is just as crucial to a child’s development as nourishment and love.

Fairies and flandels (boy fairies) joyfully run through crunching leaves and release their energy and imaginations.

  1.   © Jane F. Collen  2020™ release your inner child!

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