The Tweet (guest post by Kris Casey)

“…Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life….!” Donald J. Trump, Oct.5, 2020

I agree with President Trump. I thought that would get your attention.  I agree with this sentence — “Don’t be afraid of COVID.”

The plain and simple truth is that people who follow the CDC guidance rarely contract the virus.  There are basically only four things to do to stay safe, and none of them are scary. 

Failing to take these four steps only leave you a helpless victim to the virus and a possible carrier of death to others.  Nothing macho or self-reliant or liberty-loving about that.

In fact, you could even skip the first two with little threat to your health or the health of others.  You see, the virus has an Achilles heel.  It can only get at you through the respiratory system and, possibly, through the mucous in your eyes.  

  1. If you are around coughers (or singers) keep the virus out of your eyes. Wear glasses or a plastic eye shield.

2. Don’t touch your eyes or put fingers up your nose if you have touched a possibly contaminated surface.  But just to keep it in perspective, there will need to be 10x more viruses on the surface of your nose or eye to get you sick than is needed in your lungs. Therefore, hand washing and disinfecting and glove wearing are only very slightly useful in the fight to stay healthy. 

3. Keeping the virus out of your lungs is the key.  First tactic is to stay 6 feet or more away from others.  Since ventilation and duration can be factors in breathing in the other guy’s air and virus droplets too,  there are lots of indoor crowded spaces that need to be avoided.  As an Army General said recently, one of the first orders to a unit moving into enemy territory is to spread out.  This makes it harder for the enemy to get you, or at least, to get you all.

4. Wear the right gear into this battle.  Like the Medieval Knight, the SWAT Team, the firefighter, and the OR team it is imperative to wear and use all personal protective equipment for your own protection and the protection of those served.  And for success in the battle.  There is no honor in the needless loss of life on any kind of battlefield.  Wear a mask.  It’s better than a big anti-aircraft gun in this fight.

The pandemic will continue to be a problem to be worked.  We have economic problems that could mostly be solved by controlling the spread of the virus through these four tools.  Some businesses will still need strategic assistance, and many unemployed individuals must be supported.  Shortages of COVID tests need national management.  Any safe vaccine will need to be delivered to all.

I agree that there is little need to fear.  A high degree of safety is possible.  

But lives have been lost, and families have been unable to gather and grieve.  We have not gathered for weddings and to hold new babies — many of the things that bring great richness to life.  Most Americans are living with high levels of stress.  Juggling changes — home schooling, teleworking (if you’re lucky), deferred medical procedures, isolation …. The list is long and painful.  

In the next sentence of that tweet, the president said of the virus “Don’t let it dominate your life.”  This is a world-wide pandemic.  What better to dominate our lives?  Especially if we all work together as a nation and as a human race.

© Kris Casey, 6 OCT 2020 ∞
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