Walk Away West Wins Award

Walk Away West – voted Pinnacle Book’s BEST WOMEN’S FICTION.

My publisher Evolved Publishing Inc. nominated Walk Away West and we won this accolade this winter. In all the cabin fever and gloomy isolation of our COVID quarantine, Pinnacle Book Awards recognized my hard work and dedication to detail and graced me with this award.

I am feeling lucky to be on the Evolved Publishing Team and grateful for this praise.

Readers have also rewarded me with fun feedback on the book. People living along the Erie Canal enjoyed reading the tales of The Erie Canal’s glory days long ago. Copies of Walk Away West can now be found in some of the visitor information spots along the Canal route.

I am thrilled at the reports that history has come alive for readers and they enjoyed their travel backwards in time.

This spurs me with a renewed energy. I am in the final throws of tying all the loose ends together and finishing the next book Pioneer Passage. Sorry Evolved— I know I am a little behind on my deadlines….but the next book will soon be available.

Let me know what you think: send me a comment or write a review on Amazon .

   © Jane F. Collen  2021


3 thoughts on “Walk Away West Wins Award

      • Hi Janie, I want to buy your books for some of my friends’ grandchildren because I know that they will be wonderful. I am going to research which books would be age appropriate . I am more than a little embarrassed that I’ve yet to purchase them for Bob and Heather’s children


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