Voilà! The original goals of IndexCardCure

Ideas take shape:Together Joan and I organized and distilled down the goals for our original collaboration. Then Joan produced our first Index Card. Eight years later, with the help of Joan’s friend and my new collaborator Rebecca Rodriguez, I rediscovered it on our website. Together we are better!

Joan checked all the boxes! As I re-examine these goals I see how Joan managed to obtain every one of these objectives. She had a wonderful ability to identify a need, set a goal and achieve it with discipline, hard work and laser-like focus.

Leaving a legacy. Joan S. Grey certainly leaves behind a wonderful legacy, evident in the lives of all the people she befriended and in her written words. We, her loved ones, now attempt to carry on her vision and continue her work.

To that end, I turn to the last item on our first Index Card: provide a platform for our message and that of others. I am inviting all of Joan’s friends and acquaintances from all of the circles of inclusion Joan formed to use this platform as their mouthpiece. Leave me a comment or send me an email!

Furthermore, if you hesitate to come forward, I will approach you and interview you for this blog!

I look forward to connecting.

   © Jane F. Collen  September 23, 2022™ that’s the spirit!

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