Our First Guest Blogger!

Rebecca Rodriguez is no stranger to IndexCardCure™. She’s been a loyal follower ever since she met Joan. Rebecca writes:

When Joan started IndexCardCure several years ago she invited me to contribute material. I don’t recall if I told her a flat out “NO”, or if I said that I would think about it.  Nothing ever happened because I dropped the ball even though throughout the years I would occasionally think, I need to follow up. Like then, I still have too much on my plate and don’t feel like I can add another thing to my to do list. However, with Joan’s transition this blog post is to honor her, be a part of the legacy she has left. It’s a small way to stay connected to her. Friendship, or deep admiration will do that. Drawing us like a magnet, knowing that there is something intangible and intriguing and we want to be a part. Needing to be a part if we want to be true to ourselves.  

We may have heard the truism that we reveal a lot about ourselves by the friends we choose. This is an exciting thought and sobering at the same time. Joan was more than an acquaintance, yet not a close friend. Our physical interaction was minimal during an eight month period when I made a go of living in D.C. Her kindness, brilliance coupled with her down to earth way of being and desire to make the world a better place drew me to her. That was 2016.  We kept in touch through another effort she started Support, Encouragement, Accountability (SEA) – a community that keeps smart women connected via the written word on a monthly basis. Being a part of that group allowed me to stay plugged into Joan’s energy, her love of life.   

Maybe one day I will get super organized and have my day all planned out nice and tidy like on an index card. My life looks more like different color post-it notes, and torn, crumpled pieces of paper. And, the only words that come close to a “cure” that I share are borrowed from Rumi “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.”

Thanks Rebecca!

Who’s next?

  © Jane F. Collen  September 30, 2022

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