Grandma’s New Nursery Rhymes/I Just Can’t Stay Away ALL Summer


action shots of “Miss Irresistible”

The deal was that her Dad would take care of her all summer. But 2 months is too long! I just couldn’t resist volunteering for a few hours one day a week. After all, if it is cool enough for Lesley Stahl (I am reading her book,Becoming Grandma— full review will follow) then it is cool enough for me.

Besides, Paul must have SOME things to do that are easier without my granddaughter in tow!

What a difference a week has made! It is fascinating to watch her cognitive abilities develop and see her communicate so clearly, with only a few basic sounds. “Ma ma” was the thrilling sound I heard for the first time today as she babbled and played.

I love to sing, albeit off key. Luckily Miss Eliza does not critique, but just bounces along with me. IMG_2063When she is in the mood for a song she lets me know by bopping up and down. If that is too subtle for me, she will touch her head while bopping, so I know she wants to sing “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” If she wants me to sing a song we sing with a stuffed animal, she picks up the animal and bops it along with her own up and down motion. I get the message loud and clear.

But when it comes to nursery rhymes and lullabies I have started ad-libing to make them not just politically correct — but user friendly. In this day and age there is no way I am singing about “10 Little Indians”. They have easily transformed to “10 Little Fingers” and become a counting game. Eliza bops with her fist up in the air if she wants to hear that one.

IMG_2070Aren’t you tired of singing about the Bubonic Plauge? Or the intrigue at Bloody Queen Mary’s court? I am. So one by one, I am taking the old rhymes and adapting them for this century, using the opportunity to crone some positive messages. Grandmas, are you with me? Lesley Stahl, check this out! and let’s all sing:

Rock-a-bye baby, On grandma’s knee/It’s so much fun, you’ll get slee-ee-ee-py// If you wake up, She’ll tuck you in/And ruh-ub your tummy, and tickle your chin.

Rock-a-bye baby, In grandma’s arms/She will sing you to sleep, With her lullaby charms//When you are cozy, You’ll settle in bed//She’ll kiss your soft cheeks, And pa-at your head.



Ok, maybe it needs a little work. But now I have a few hours each week this summer to improve.

© Jane F, Collen June 28, 2016  IndexCardCure™ the wisdom of grandmothers



don’t lose the wonder in your eyes

can see it right there when you smile” VanMorrision

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