Go Take A Hike!

It’s the perfect thing to do. In these pandemic times, packed with all kinds of stressors, engaging in outdoor activity of any kind is a no cost way to both improve your happiness and ensure your health. Even when wearing a mask, breathing in the outdoor air and soaking in the greens of the trees produces health benefits.

Whether you prefer the marked trails of a local park or walking down the streets of your neighborhood, you have to get out there and walk! I could start citing some of the many health experts who have told us time and time again about the necessity for exercise and the de-stressing effects of walking through greenery. But I think it has all been said, and we just have to take the first step!

I mostly prefer to open my door and just start walking. But since the pandemic hit, it seemed the only recreational activity still available was walking.With just a little bit of research I found all kinds of great walks, within a short distance from my home. My ‘COVID companions’ (a/k/a the members of my family stuck quarantining with me) and I walk every day.

Many people, in fact, are seizing the opportunity afforded by all the cancellations of our regular way of life and getting out there. As my neighbor said, “I see people walking who don’t even own dogs!”

I have found great neighborhoods to walk in, great parks – still open, with more opening up again – woods, wilderness, waterways, and even a tulip farm!







Tip-toe-ing through the tulips!


Feeling the warmth of the sunshine, looking at the plethora of color, just like viewing the green leaves of trees, feels cathartic.





I even found a combo walk – in a neighborhood, sporting some trees and some tulips!


Contrary to popular belief, it is still possible to walk outdoors when it is raining. And it is just as healthy, and calming. If you own a raincoat, an umbrella, or even a plastic garbage bag, a few raindrops should not deter you from ‘soaking in’ the outdoor benefits!






Memorial Day Weekend, and thus summer, is about to begin. Whether or not the sun shines, whether it is too cold for the beach, or even too cold to barbecue, put on your sneakers and get out and walk.

© Jane F. Collen  May 22, 2020  IndexCardCure.com™ small steps to stay healthy


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