It’s OK to Worry — A Little!

illustration by David Trumble

It turns out a little worrying is actually a productive way to problem solve. This is good news for me!

I am a fretter! I know it, and everyone else does too. Unfortunately this seems to be a trait you can pass to your kids — something else for me to worry about! When I was a kid, I somehow thought that worrying about possible harm actually might make it not happen.

I have this crazy worrying under control now. But good habits need constant reinforcement. Luckily the universe provides them: the readings in Church a couple weeks ago advised  us that worrying is futile and reassured us that we are in good hands and all our needs will be provided for. But the “HOW” to stop worrying is sometimes elusive. It is always good to find some tips on adopting this healthy habit so the worrying does not drive you crazy.

The Wall Street Journal article You’re a Worrier? Don’t Worry! provides just that. It is OK to work through the various worst case scenarios in your head ONE TIME. Then you have to move on, using positive thoughts to create good scenarios and outcomes for the stressful, harmful challenges.  By not dwelling on disastrous outcomes our mind is free to work on developing possible good solutions to the problem. Physically writing down some plans for solving the problem will help insure you are able to use the plan. After all this thought about the problem the article recommends you then clear it from your mind and distract yourself with something you like to do to prevent you from thinking about it further.

Let’s face it — there is always a lot to worry about. So I am using positive thoughts to work out good resolutions to all the things I can help change.

Copyright Jane F. Collen March 7, 2017

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